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Friday, June 7, 2013

The Hourglass Body Shape

So after a long hectic month I'm finally back to the blogging world, and it's definitely been missed ! I wanted to do something different this time and keeping in mind my stylist aspirations, I decided to practice on a few of my friends. When styling someone, I think the first thing you look at is their body shape, and so, I'll be doing a series of posts where I'll be telling you how to identify and dress for your body shape, with a few examples.

For my first post on body shapes I decided to start with the hourglass, as it is said to be the most common shape among women. One is said to have an hourglass figure when the shoulders and hips are of the same proportion. 

If hourglass is your body shape, here are few things to keep in mind -
1) Make the most of all your clothes, take advantage of your narrow waist. Always choose clothes that draw attention to it. 
2) it is very important to wear the correct size.
3) Thin belts suit this shape.
4) Avoid short skirts and dresses that make hips look wider.
5) Lingerie can be an important asset helping clothes look their best.

Pragya wore a monochrome dress with a lace back.

(Dress- Forever 21, Heels- Charlotte Russe, Bracelets- Spyra)

Pooja wore a simple dress and accesorised it.

                                (Dress- H and M, Heels- Nine West, Necklace and Ring- Spyra)

As seen in the pictures, both the looks are something you would wear on a night out. These dresses give a lot of attention to the waist which helps to make the curves more prominent.
I hope this helps you guys.

Anushka Makar xx

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