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Sunday, September 1, 2013

The Oval Body Shape.

I'm finally back with my next post of body shapes. For my second body shape post I decided to do the oval body shape which means rounded in the central area particularly the stomach. I think it is very important to wear the right kind of clothes because it is very easy to go wrong in this particular body shape. The basic aim is to disguise the tummy and create a more streamlined outline.

Here are some guidelines on what to wear-

1. You can wear blazers or jackets that are not too tight on the torso area.
2. Wearing a single colour can make the torso look longer and thinner.
3. Empire cut dresses work the best. They are basically cut far above the waist.
4. Trousers with a straight cut.
5. To elongate your image wear heels.
6. Skirts and dresses are ideal if you have thin legs..
7. Wear the right size, avoid tight or loose clothing.
8. Don't over do your accessories, wear it proportionate to the body shape.

Haniya wears an Empire cut Maxi.

As you can see her maxi is tighter below the bust, she's wearing minimal colors, wearing heels and has accessorized perfectly!

I think her look is perfect! What do you think?
Hope I could help. (:

Anushka Makar xx


  1. It's very flattering!

  2. Very lovely dress and the color
    sure suits you well c: xX

  3. Interesting post!! Thanks for the advices!!


  4. She does look perfect, babe! The empire cut dress is gorgeous and I really like the color too, good job.;)

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