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Tuesday, November 19, 2013

5 Fashion Rules to Break.

I believe that more than half the world has a set mind on how they dress up. There are a lot of 'fashion rules' which are universally accepted by people, well this post is to break few of those rules and help people think outside the box.

1. Your clothes and accesories should be the same color.

I completly disagree with this rule. If you guys have seen my previous posts I've always said  that I love to play with colors and don't believe in matching everything. I don't see the point in wearing the same color and I think its necesarry to mix and match your clothes but keeping that in mind you should not go overboard and wear too mant colors.

2. Sweatshirts are casual wear.

Even though till recently even i thought that sweatshirts are something that you can wear only casually, I've been inspired by many bloggers and surely don't think the same way anymore. I think wearing a trendy sweatshirt with a skirt and heels is a perfect outfit for a night out.

3. Denim dungarees can't look sexy.

I think if worn right dungarees can look really sexy and are not 'tom boy-ish'  at all. People may usually pair it with shoes but i think wearing it with heels adds a feminine touch to it and also i think the knee length ones are much better looking.

4. A clutch is an accesory for the night.

I absolutely love bags and clutches. According to me, carrying a funky clutch with your casual jeans and a tee can make your look from simple to stylish.

5. You should not wear denim on denim.

One of the major trends of 2013 is wearinf denim on denim. Even though I haven't really worn it, I think its super chic but needs to be carried off well.

 I believe in having my own style and not thinking too much of what people think of it. And this post is a small way to make you do the same. Hope i could help!

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Anushka Makar


  1. Dungarees are so cool, I love them with wedges!!

  2. Very nice blog!
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  5. Hi dear, I agree with you! even I like matching my clothes sometimes its good take a risk for playing with fashion, I think we should addapt the trends to our own style


  6. Great outfits.

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  7. Oh, I couldn't agree more - I have my own style and I don't think too much of what other people think of it, everything goes! Especially sweatshirts and clutches and dungarees AND your first rule! Great post, babe.;)

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  10. Great post sweetie..liked it..

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