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Sunday, February 16, 2014

Just Another Day...

According to me, the accessories you wear with your outfit plays a major role for your entire look. You could wear something very simple but look chic and different with the wat you accessorize. I think it is also important to know how much to accessorize, too much could always be a disaster!

In this post I'm wearing something very casual, its something I would wear to university or the mall! I'm wearing a simple electic blue crop top which has become one of my favorite colors recently and I've paired it with my new pants from New Look which I love. Since my outfit is so simple, I accessorized a little more. I wore a bunch of delicate pearl bracelets and a neon orange necklace with my Steve Madden sandals. The outfit is really comfortable and I think it defines my style statement which is simple but different!


What is your style statement? Let me know.. (:

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Love always,
Anushka Makar xxx


  1. I love your crop top (it's sort of a long crop top... right?!) and your pants are killer!


  2. Acabo de enamorarme de tus sandalias!
    Son una preciosidad y las has combinado muy bien, te doy un 10!!
    Un beso desde España,

  3. Hello, nice to meet you.
    I am from Brazil.
    Your blog is very beautiful and i love your outfit, specially the sandals and the accessories ^_^

  4. I agree, accessories make or break an outfit! And this bright necklace is perfect with the blue top. Very stylish, my dear.;) Hope you're having a great day, babe!

  5. look comfy and cute

  6. Love the color of this shirt
    You are so cute

  7. I agree I think accessorising makes an outfit so much better, unfortunately I never even think of going accessory shopping so I have very few pieces!

  8. My Dear, Thank You for Your beautiful comment :*
    This outfit is realy nice. Specifically the necklace and shoes are so cute and charming in one ♥ And I absolutely agree with You - accessories make the outfit! ♥

  9. Super!!! Ciekawe zestawienie ;)

    Serdecznie zapraszam do oceny! : :)


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